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Robin Wood Tarot and Tarot of the Old Path Side by Side Comparison

Tarot of the Old Path was my first tarot deck in 1999 and I really love the major arcana. I struggled with the minor arcana until I got the Robin Wood Tarot, which had minors which were much easier for me to understand. This is a side-by-side flip through of both decks.

Soul Cats Tarot (Deck Review)

I am absolutely in love with this deck. I don’t even have a cat. My mom has always had cats and still does but I’ve lived with only a dog for more than a decade. What I’m saying is that you may find this deck stunning even if you’re not a “cat person.” Soul Cats […]

Kawaii Tarot (Deck Review)

Kawaii Tarot is, no surprise, absolutely adorable. I remember when I was first learning tarot, there was pressure on a forum I frequented to eschew the cute and go for the dark, serious, masculine. I ended up buying a lot of decks I never liked and no longer own. Nowadays I buy what I like […]

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