Love tarot and oracle decks?

I do too.

Hi, I’m Deana Birks. I’ve been obsessed with tarot for most of my life.

I picked up my first deck of tarot cards on New Year’s Day 1999 and I haven’t looked back.

I learned to read cards while my children were babies and as they grew so did my deck collection. My earliest readings were on the bed, on the floor, during nap time, and always surrounded by chaos. My first deck became a sour-smelling brick after someone spilled milk on them and was too afraid to tell me so I didn’t discover until the next day (this is why we don’t just leave decks lying on the table anymore).

My kids are grown now and I’m not a beginner anymore (though you never stop being a student). Now I’m watching a new generation of young people pick up their first decks. If that’s you, wonderful! Enjoy the journey. I love to share deck reviews and things I’ve learned along the way to help you find your voice as a tarot reader.