No sooner did the copyright on the RWS tarot expire than everyone and their brother came out with their own edition. This one is by Lo Scarabeo. They also have it in a standard version but the round caught my eye.

Tarot Original 1909 Circular Edition

It comes in a box that looks exactly like a round of cheese, with a LWB by Sasha Graham. The card backs have a rose pattern.

If you’ve ever seen a Rider Waite Smith deck literally ever before the images will be familiar to you. There are no surprises in this deck. The only thing that’s been added is, on some images, details from other cards were photoshopped in to fill out the sides where there was no design on the original. In the Hermit, there are extra stars. In the Four of Swords, some roses have been added. And on the Hierophant (my least favorite addition) the dove of the spirit that’s descending in the Ace of Cups is now flying in on both sides, which looks fine but makes literally no sense with this symbol.

Tarot Original 1909 Circular Edition compared to the classic Rider Waite Deck

You may prefer the gentler color scheme to the classic RWS deck. The card stock feels a bit flimsy but I’m not sure if it’s just the shape that gives that impression. It’s a bit bigger than round decks I’ve seen in the past.

Minor Arcana from the Tarot Original 1909 Circular Edition
Court Cards from the Tarot Original 1909 Circular Edition

Who might like this deck? Anyone who already uses the RWS deck and is looking for something a little different. Someone new who heard they should start with the RWS but wasn’t sure they wanted the bright yellow classic cards. Someone who likes reading with round cards.

Who might not like this deck? Anyone who hates round decks or the RWS or the plethora of decks flooding the market.

Do you need this deck? Probably not. I’m still not sure if it’s a deck I would read with or simply a novelty. It is rather eye catching though. I’d rate it a solid 4 stars.

Tarot Original 1909 Circular Edition

Arthur E. Waite, Pamela C. Smith, Sasha Graham

Lo Scarabeo, 2021