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The Naked Heart Tarot (Deck Review)

Rarely is a tarot deck as stunning as The Naked Heart. The art style is most similar to The Wild Unknown Tarot, but with a lot more white space to let the cards breathe. There are also symbols on the cards to remind you what element or astrological sign the card represents.

The deck mostly follows the RWS structure (Strength is 8, Justice is 11) but there are no humans depicted on the deck (unless you count an eye for the Magician). Suits are Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles.

Most of the Majors have their familiar names, but The Empress and Emperor have become the Earth Mother and Sky Father, while the Hierophant is now the Sage and the World is the Universe. There is an extra card, numbered XXII, called The Naked Heart.

The backs are reversible and depict a crystal grid. The small book that comes with it has a section called How the Grid Works that explains how you can use crystals with your cards.

The biggest change from a standard deck is the court cards. Here they are animals, so the Wands are foxes, the Cups are blue whales, Swords are panthers and Pentacles are bison. Ranks have been changed as well. Pages are Innocence, Knights are Movement, Queens are Heart, Kings are Spirit.

There are a few spreads in the book: The Naked Heart Spread, Inner Child/Goddess/God, and New Moon and Full Moon Spreads.

The card stock is just about as perfect as it could be and the size is standard for tarot decks.

This deck would be perfect for somebody who loves the Wild Unknown Tarot and its shift from traditional imagery of people in medieval costumes and Eurocentric social rankings. It might look like an advanced deck, but it incorporates enough symbolism into its clean imagery that a beginner could start with this deck.

If you need people on your cards because your intuitive way of reading relies on the scenes and emotions of the characters, then this might not be for you. I know a lot of people read body language from the humans on the cards and there isn’t any of that here. Some of the animals are somewhat expressive but none of them is a person sitting on a sofa crying or positioned on a hill and fighting.

Overall, The Naked Heart Tarot is a fantastic deck.

5 out of 5 stars

The Naked Heart Tarot

Jillian C. Wilde

independently published


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