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The Everyday Enchantment Tarot (Deck Review)

There’s a lot to love about this beautiful deck, with the artwork being at the top. Poppy Palin takes the cards and brings them down to earth, switching out the medieval and Renaissance imagery with scenes that look like our lives today. The cards retain their traditional names. Court ranks are Page, Knight, Queen, King, and suits are Blades, Wands, Cups, Coins. Backs are reversible.

This deck is more serious than most about diversity. There is not only racial diversity and representation of sexual orientations, but there are also a variety of ages, levels of physical ability, as well as people of different socioeconomic levels, from doctors and lawyers to construction workers and waiters to the homeless.

various ages, races, and sexual orientations are depicted
Cards show people who have had a mastectomy or who use a wheelchair or who have Down syndrome or blindness.
Rock star, construction workers, a surgeon who works at a research hospital for breast cancer.
Lawyer, farmer, waiter, tattoo artist.

Theoretically, this should be one of the best decks of our time. However, the size. My goodness the size. When you open the box, there is a book printed in landscape format and the book is under the deck in two stacks.

The cards are heavily coated, don’t shuffle well, and even though my hands aren’t tiny it’s a stretch to even put my thumb below the cards and hold them with a finger at the top.

Everyday Enchantment compared to Radiant Rider Waite
Size comparison Everyday Enchantment versus Radiant Rider Waite.
The card on top is from the Tarot de Maria Celia, which is a joy to shuffle. Then the Radiant Rider Waite. Finally, the Everyday Enchantment. You can see how much larger it is than a comfortable size for me.

They could have been smaller if they didn’t have the ugly borders around the picture. But since the titles of the cards are in the bottom border, if you trim the borders off, you will lose the card titles and the images themselves differ so much from a standard deck that you might not be able to figure out what card you’re looking at if you do that.

five out of five for artwork; two out of five for being impossible to actually shuffle (If a borderless mini version came out it would be one of my favorites).

The Everyday Enchantment Tarot: Finding Magic in the Midst of Life

Poppy Palin

Schiffer Publishing


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