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Revolutionary Witchcraft (Book Review)

Revolutionary Witchcraft by Sarah Lyons is a book that I picked up, intending to flip through briefly and ended up reading in one sitting. It differs from the books I covered in 3 Books for the Magical Activist because it focuses less on magic and spells (those are mostly in the appendix) and more on power: what it is, how it works, and how to work with it. Lyons says:

Witchcraft is a witch + their craft. Half of being a witch is about coming into your own power and learning how it relates to the power of the universe, and the other half is what you actually do with that power.

p. 8

This is a book where I broke out the highlighter and a pen and went to work highlighting passages, underlining, putting stars in the margins and adding my own comments. Some people don’t write in books, but it works for me and it helps me when I come back to a book later to see what made an impression on previous readings.

Never let your dreams be small, or your magic will be small too. It is our job as witches to shift what people think is possible and, in doing so, change reality.

p. 69

The chapters are: A Witch’s Place Is In the Struggle; Shaking Off the Dirt; Dream Big; The Pathways of Power; Witches and Wilderness; and an appendix called A Spellbook for the Apocalypse. The entire book is important but perhaps the best chapter was The Pathways of Power, which covers power mapping in depth. Power mapping is something you may not have heard of but it will improve your magical goal-setting and your basic understanding of the world.

The only (tiny) problem I have with the book is that, although there are page numbers on some pages, most of the pages aren’t numbered. Instead, they have little stars in the corners. This is a cute design but makes the book hard to navigate. If the table of contents or index points you to certain page, good luck finding it. You’ll just have to flip back and forth or, I guess, use the ebook version. Even trying to quote for this review, I had to find the nearest numbered page and then count for the above citation. This is not that big a deal for most people who aren’t intending to cite passages and it’s certainly not a reason to overlook this gem.

It’s long overdue that we fight like we have something precious to lose and the power to win. Now is not the time to just take pictures of our altars, but rather to use them. Now is the time for revolution.

p. 21

5 out of 5 stars

Revolutionary Witchcraft: A Guide to Magical Activism

Sarah Lyons

Running Press, 2019

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