Moonology Oracle Cards (Deck Review)

The Moonology Oracle Cards are a lovely deck of pictures of the moon. Humans have admired the moon for thousands of years or longer so it’s no surprise that this deck is beautiful. There are 44 cards and a small companion book by Yasmin Boland. There are moon phase cards (new moon, waxing crescent, full moon, etc.), astrological cards for new moons and full moons (New Moon in Aries, Full Moon in Aries, etc.) and “special moon cards” like New Moon Eclipse, Full Moon Eclipse, Void-of-Course Moon, Supermoon, etc.

Each card has a label across the bottom with the card name and a simple statement or question such as, for the New Moon Eclipse, “Expect powerful change;” or, for the Waning Moon, “What do you need to release?”

The book then expands on the card, for example the Waning Moon says:

The Waning Moon points to what’s falling away. Life goes in cycles and sometimes we need downtime or to let go. No matter when in the Moon cycle you pull this card, it’s a sign that a situation has peaked, for better or worse, and it’s time for you to go easier. It’s the autumn and winter of the cycle. So what do you need to release? Almost certainly something from the situation you’re asking about. This card can be very positive but it can still be gently suggesting that you let something go and stop trying so hard.

p. 100

Then for each card the book has Attune to the Moon (a short affirmation such as, “It’s safe to let go and move on.”), a bullet-point list of Additional Meanings for This Card, and a small summary called The Teaching. The book also includes a few basic spreads.

As an oracle, this might be a good deck to use for questions of timing, like “When should I start work toward such-and-so goal?” I also think you could pull out a card to place on your altar that corresponds with the Esbat, like, New Moon in Gemini or Full Moon in Sagittarius. If you want to learn more about the lunar cycles, you could work with this deck all year, meditating on each card in turn as it comes up in the calendar.

If you love the moon as much as I do, you will enjoy this deck.

five of five stars

Moonology Oracle Cards

Yasmin Boland

Artwork by Nyx Rowan

Hay House, 2018

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