Modern Witch Tarot Deck (Deck Review)

The Modern Witch Tarot Deck reads right out of the box if you’re experienced with the Rider Waite tarot symbolism. This deck is a very close RWS clone and the imagery will be familiar to you. Its uniqueness is in its modern illustrations of women, femmes, and adrongynous characters. Some of them are dressed like they just stepped off a city street into a medieval landscape, like the Six of Wands, who wears torn black jeans while riding a white horse and carrying a victory branch.

This deck celebrates diversity and includes witch of various races, ethnicities, body sizes and ages. The Queen of Wands is the first card I ever remember seeing that depicts vitiligo. The Four of Pentacles and Eight of Pentacles are wearing glasses.

Although this deck came out before the coronavirus, the Five of Wands show a group of people, some of whom are wearing face masks and some who aren’t, and they’re fighting with each other! It looks like a card that shows what’s happening in the news right now but it was released last July.

The cards come with a small hardcover book in a sturdy box (not like the regular boxes that get torn up over time and lead to people needing separate bags to store their decks). The backs are reversible. There is a small amount of nudity on a few cards. The card stock is thick — so much so that the stacked deck is nearly twice as tall as my other decks.

This deck would be perfect for anyone who has already learned the Rider Waite system or wants a deck they can learn traditional symbolism from so they can study with the majority of tarot books on the market, but who also wants to see a diversity of people represented. This deck is particularly suited to witches, women, and LGBTQ people of color.

five out of five stars

Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Lisa Sterle

Sterling Ethos, 2019

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