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The Dreamer’s Story Tarot Journal (Book Review)

The Dreamer’s Story Tarot Journal is the companion to the Dreams of Gaia Tarot. It features full-page, full-color reproductions of several of the cards (44 if I counted correctly; more than half the deck).

It’s set up in a similar way to other Blue Angel Journals like The Jasmine Becket-Griffith Writing & Creativity Journal or the Book of Shadows and Light. It has lovely ivory pages, some blank and others lined. This one, thankfully, doesn’t have any distracting quotes on the pages.

Although the pictures are from a tarot deck, the deck differs so much from a standard tarot deck that the images aren’t overtly tarot; they could simply be fantasy paintings. Since the journal itself is not a guided journal and doesn’t mention tarot at all anywhere but the cover, this could easily be a journal you use for another purpose. It lends itself particularly to being a Book of Shadows or dream journal. It might also be a place to record your insights after meditation or ritual. I can even see it being used as a morning pages journal, when you’re switching from a dream state to an awakened one.

Like other journals from this brand, it is not hardcover. However the softcover is quite sturdy and the signatures are sewn. It’s beautiful in a way that makes me want to frame the artwork rather than write on the pages. One of the most stunning journals I’ve seen.

5 out of 5 stars

The Dreamer’s Story Tarot Journal

Ravynne Phelan

Blue Angel Publishing, 2017

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