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The Book of Shadows (Book Review)

The Book of Shadows is a journal. It’s a mostly blank book with about 20 pages at the beginning for reference. These pages briefly touch on things like moon cycles, elements, days of the week, herbs, incenses, crystals, the wheel of the year, and various types of magic.

The rest of the book is for you to fill out. The left-hand pages are blank, while the right-hand pages are lined with a space to fill out the date at the top and the moon phase at the bottom. There are over 200 pages to be filled.

It comes in two bindings: hardcover and flexibound. Mine is flexibound and the cover is a soft plastic that feels a bit rubbery. Pages are sewn and will hold up to a lot. It’s cute and well-made. I don’t love the feel of the cover but I do like the lettering and detail around the edges that looks like gold leaf.

If you’re looking for a journal to use as your book of shadows, this one is decent quality and affordable. It’s not a guided journal like The Mindful Witch and it’s not as beautiful. It’s nice that it says, “Book of Shadows” on the front and spine but you could probably find any number of journals you like just as well or better. It all comes down to how much you like the cover of this one.

Overall it’s a solid product that’s exactly what it says on the spine.

4 out of 5 stars

The Book of Shadows: A Personal Journal of Your Craft

Introcution by Cassandra Eason

Sterling Ethos, 2014

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